Music Olympics

Hello Parents,

I wanted to bring your attention to the incentive program we just started. I’m sure some of you have heard about it from your kids!


There will be 9 events and ten weeks to complete them. (It says 10 events on the front but that is a typo!) Some of these events are games/apps that you can purchase through iTunes. I understand some people do not have Apple products and cannot download the games so if that is the case, I will help the student. I believe only one of the apps cost $2.99 which is Flashnote Derby but for the game, it’s pretty well worth it. It makes note flashcards fun for kids so it is something we will possibly use in the future.  The events that have an * are the ones required to download an app.

The events that are not applications are as follows: Creative Composer, Finger Power, Practice, Performance and Sight Reader. I will list the details below for more explanation.

Creative Composer- I have staff paper that I will give them once they decide to take on this event. I can also help them with this one. This is a one time event.

Finger Power-I will get them a list of the scales, chords and/or arpeggios assigned. Some students will only have 5-finger scales and some will have all three. This depends on the level of the student. The student is required to play through assigned scales/chords/arpeggios once every week for 10 weeks. Since we are a week into the program, we can let this slide.

Practice– Students are already required to practice a certain amount each week. Whether it be 30 minutes 5xs per week or practice their pieces 3xs through.. Whatever I have assigned to the individual student, if they can do this consistently 10 weeks in a row they will complete this event easily. I will have them mark off each week number until they reach number ten.

Performance- This is to help students initiate some type of performance opportunity. Whether it be in church or at a family gathering or maybe at a nursing home/senior residence center. I will be providing the Recital in December but students need to find another means to complete this event. So get creative and brainstorm ideas to give your kids an opportunity to perform. This is a one time event.

Sight Reader- I have explained to each student that sight reading is “playing a piece for the first time”. For some late primary to intermediate students I will assign pieces that we’ve not gone through during the lesson. These pieces would count. For beginner students, I will mark these off with them as they practice their “sight read” pieces during their lessons. When they reach 10 pieces, they finish the event! I will be looking for opportunities to help them win! 😉

My only rules are that they cannot do more than one event during the week with the exception of the continuous events like Practice, Finger Power and Sight Reader. For instance, they cannot do two games in one week and say they did them both. I would rather spread it out a little.

Once they finish each event, have them tell me in their lesson and if it is a game/app tab I will take it from their ring to keep record. I already have a few students that have completed their first events! Encourage them to choose and do something each week! The program ends the week of December 5th and they will be awarded at the recital on December 16th.

Everybody can win in this program. It is really is just a matter of how hard the student wants to work. I am encouraging all of them to Go for the GOLD. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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