Snow Day Class

I am so thankful I found this from another piano teacher’s blog about the inevitable “Snow Days” we teachers have to find the time to make up! The idea is to combine those students into one group class. We had so much fun! My first Snow Day Party was a success!

First we played  the game BUSTED found from a fellow piano teacher here.


Next we played a few note reading games….




and some listening games.

I had the students color a musical frog with dynamics to match the colors they use (found here) and had them listen to a few pieces by Beethoven. In between pieces I asked questions like “What did you think about the dynamics of this piece?” or “What is the mood of this piece?”


Finally, I served them popcorn for a snack and had each student play their favorite piece while the others listened. Once each student finished I asked each of them to give the performer a compliment on what they did well on their piece. I was very impressed with some of their answers. The whole point was to get them to listen to music more critically and cultivate confidence about their performances!



I can’t wait until another Snow Day Class!

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