A Classical Christmas Recital

We had a beautiful recital this past Christmas! Our theme was A Classical Christmas so the music was centered around none other than…classical music! The students loved being able to play either their favorite Christmas carol or a classical piece we don’t typically hear on the radio. Over the course of the Fall, students learned about composers Bach, Handel and Tchaikovsky all of which composed very famous classical and christmas music. Just look how cute these kiddos are! They all did a wonderful job!



Along with the good music, we had awesome refreshments made by the parents of our students. Some delicious fudge and cookies as well as hot chocolate was tastefully and beautifully presented to us by Market 31 Stylist Company.  They always do a phenomenal job at these kind of events making it extra special for us all to enjoy.



My heart is alway so overwhelmed at a recital because it shows show much concentrated effort and hard work the students put in all year round. Finally, they are able to relish is the feeling of victory and accomplishment! And of course, everybody loves Christmas time and the “extra good” feelings we all get during that season. It is rewarding to see students do well and apply what they are learning in their lessons.

A big thank you goes to Michal Fourman for providing these pictures for me and to Jim Stanton for taking care of our sound and live-stream. (Grandparents were able to watch from afar!)

Can’t wait for next year!

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