Pops and Popcorn Recital 2018

We celebrated St. Patrick Day with the Pops and Popcorn Recital this past Saturday! We had a great time! It was a repeat recital for a few and two new students first ever recital but they did so well! Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of Lauren because we played a duet together and I didn’t think to hand the camera to someone else!

Students have so many opportunities to play and perform in  my studio. Not only with my own recitals provided but through a group called Music Teachers Association. I am thankful for the Middlesex New London Music Teachers Chapter I have the privilege of being a part of. It allows me to collaborate with other local teachers and gives my own students a way to meet other students that are not apart of my studio. MTA has a wide range of programs to choose from throughout the year. I highly recommend every music teacher to get involved in their local MTNA chapter! It really helps to connect with other local teachers. Some whom I have learned so much from!

Here is a link where you can join the association and reap many benefits!




Sarai played the Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Tchaikovsky arranged by Faber. IMG_0712


Cole played When the Saints Go Marching In


Nevaeh played Appaloosa Pony by Martha Mier (this is also her piano festival piece!)IMG_0718

Karissa performed Marmalade Rag by AlfredIMG_0721

Evelynn chose to play Pirates of the North Sea by FaberIMG_0722

Aeyla played Rusty Old Bike by Faber


And Lauren and I played Pacabels Canon. It was her first recital ever as well as duet.
She did so wonderful!


I am proud of each student that participated! It is so good for them to have a chance to perform something fun and of their choice in a low key setting.


Happy Friday!

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