Roadtrip USA Music Camp

According to my students, this year’s Music Camp was the best so far!! A big thank you to Sheryl Welles and Notable Music Studio  for the resources for this camp. All the games were invented by her as well as the basic ideas of the camp. I tweaked it only slightly to make it fit into 4 days and adapted it to my needs. Road trip USA was a huge success!



I could not have done it this year (being a new young mom) without my teen students helping  me. I decided to give them an opportunity themselves to teach a few lessons and they all did a fantastic job! I was so proud of how they handled everything from assisting students, directing gamesto teaching their own conceptual lessons.

Karissa taught note names C through C on the treble staff. 
Olivia taught music terminology!
Shelby taught rhythm to the students! Here they are clapping the note values. 


Every day had a fun theme or location we traveled to. The students LOVED getting to dress up according to the theme. It was the exciting part of the camp…”what’s tomorrow’s theme going to be?!”. All in the fun and games, there were lessons about rhythm, note values and music terminology. Some students had never had piano lessons or music lessons, and their were telling us at the end of the week what fermata or Treble Clef signs meant or how many beats a quarter note or half note were. They even learned quite a few notes on the staff. My two oldest students were our team captains so they learned how to be good leaders and help their team work together! There was something for everyone. Students with or without experience.



Playing with Boomwackers! Great for ensemble playing!


Each student got one of these picture but Betsy’s face in this one is priceless!
Noah lost his first tooth at camp! Look at that smile! ;-D

By far the students most favorite day was the Carnival Day. I made this the last day because I knew it would be such a fun day. Unfortunately, the risk of rain was too great so I had to have a plan B and move it to Community Baptist Church. The kids were not disappointed though! They loved it!



We had such a great time! It was so awesome to see the older students helping the younger and seeing them learn but also have such great attitudes for their team the whole week. I would do this camp again in a heartbeat!

Here is a video I made with some more pictures (credit goes to Olivia for all the AWESOME pictures!) and fun thematic music!

Could not have asked for a better group! Thanks for making my job so fun guys!



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