Why Valentines Day is one of the best holidays!


It’ been a minute since I’ve written a blog post. We have been so busy with continuing house renovations, ministry and a very busy work schedule. Just this past week alone we have had 3 appointments whether it be doctor or dentist or eye appointment. There’s just never enough time!


I wanted to take a moment to just express my thanks to my parents/students and families. Valentines Day is tomorrow and I do not think this holiday should be overlooked. It’s such a sweet day. You don’t have to be “in love” romantically to be able to enjoy this holiday.

One of the reasons why I love Valentines Day so much is because it breaks up the winter for my students. Winter can be tough as we all know, especially in the north. New England is no exception. We haven’t had too tough of a winter this year but we still get “cabin fever” as they call it. Valentines Day is smack dab in the middle of what a lot of music teachers would call “the dry spell”. It is tough to get motivated for a lot of music students but Valentines Day gives us a chance to spread some musical love.

I like having my students write on little hearts or cards the reason why they love music. The reason why I do this because it helps them to actually think for a second why they are doing what they are doing. If you don’t love something you’re not going to put your whole heart into it! Finding these reasons “Because it’s fun!” “Because it challenges me” are all insights to a children’s heart and mind. If they do not have a reason, helping them think through a few is also helpful. It is very possible you could inspire a student and help them gain motivation!


I also love giving them Valentines. It doesn’t happen every year but I think expressing some gratitude to the student will do a teacher’s heart good. It also helps the student have a physical expression from the teacher to affirm all of their hard work. Praise is an excellent source of motivation but a written word from the teacher about how well the student is doing could go a long way! My Valentines came from Target this year. I’ve done DIY Valentines too. Any small expression is totally worth it.


So you may think Valentines day is only for the romantics but you’re wrong! Taking advantage of every holiday to show students you care is important.


Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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