Our Teacher

Kristy has had a love for the piano since the age of thirteen. She began to play in church at age 16 as the church pianist and regular accompanist without ever having formal private lessons. At the age of 20, she began her formal education and music degree at The Crown College. With the dedication and help of her instructors, Kristy’s passion began to grow for teaching music. Kristy graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Ministry as well as the Crown Music Conservatory Music Teacher’s Certificate. She is also a member of the Music Teacher Association Organization. Kristy taught at the Crown Conservatory for 2 years as well as students in her home studio. Kristy, and her husband, now reside in Groton, CT serving at a local church as the choir pianist, writing her own musical arrangements and teaching from her own studio, Timeless Harmony Studio.