Incentive Program

Mission: Music!

Your mission:

Race around the world, stopping at each of the cities on your map to complete a musical task.

Complete your entire mission by the end of the year and earn a (super-secret) reward!

Virtuoso Visas:

Along your journey, you will earn Virtuoso Visas for exceptional work. Earn 4 Visas and turn them in for a free pass from any one task on your map.

Listening Challenges with Links

Music From Around the World-listening challenge #1 (for elementary to advanced)*Mexico City*

Dances from Around the World

Christos Tsitsaros, Arr. by Hal Leonard


Menuet Pastoral:

Norwegian Dance:

Little Mazurka:

Gypsy Dance:


Cossack Dance:

Recurerdos Andaluces

Eugenie Rocherolle


Eugenie Rochelle

Sounds of Spain

Catherine Rollin

Chinese Dragon

Nancy Faber, duet

Sacred Music- listening challenge #2 *St. Petersburg*

****All arrangements have been composed by the playing pianist in these videos.****

A Mighty Fortress is our God

Faye Lopez

Blesses Assurance

Elisabeth Berry

Amazing Grace

Tyler Huggins



Music From Around the World-listening challenge #1 (for beginners)*Mexico City*

Treasure Island

Randall and Nancy Faber

Echos of Egypt 

Kevin Olson

Caribbean Surf

Margaret Goldstone

Cleopatra’s Lament

Dennis Alexander

King Tut

Dennis Alexander


Ear Training Assignments

For beginners: (Primer and Level 1)

Note Training:

For Elementary age: Level 2A-3A

Note Training:

For Intermediate: Level 3B-5

Interval Training:

For Advanced: no books