Most Asked Questions

How do I know my child is ready for piano lessons? 

A good age to start a child in piano lessons is between ages the of 5-7. Typically, children need to know their ABC’s, be able to count to 1-10, and be able to discern between their left and right hand. Surprisingly, learning the basic principles and fundamentals of music will help your child in many other aspects of life such as discipline, responsibility and accomplishment.  Give them the chance to love music! Don’t waste any more time and invest in your child’s musical future!

What is my role as a parent?

Parents are strongly encouraged to be involved! You are a vital part of your child’s lessons. They need your support and participation in helping them practice! Timeless Harmony will host two recitals per year and be apart of other events and programs as well. It will be a time for the children to perform in front of loved ones and share what they have learned and worked hard towards. Be a part of your child’s accomplishments as they reach their goals to become a musician!

What kind of music will my child learn to play?

Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber is the curriculum used for all beginner and intermediate students, however, supplemental music is used along side of the curriculum to give a well rounded education. Advanced students will use a combination of classical music and sacred music. Music can be purchased by Timeless Harmony and reimbursed upon first date of lesson or purchased directly by the family. See the studio policy for more details.

How long does my child have to practice?

Usually,  beginner students will start with small sessions of practicing each piece until a certain level is reached when the student will be expected to practice for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. These expectations can be adjusted but only per the instructors advisement.  An intermediate student should be required to practice from 3-5 hours per week and an advanced student’s time will be determined by the instructor.  Practice is very important to the student’s improvement. Daily practice is a must!

What will my child learn?

Not only will your child learn how to play the piano, but will receive a solid foundation in music history, theory, and technique in order to cultivate a respect and love for the instrument. Your child will understand why we play what we play and appreciate those that have helped establish the music principals we use today.

How much will it cost?

Lessons are given from August through June with a total of 40 lessons per year.  Lessons will be held once a week at location appointed by instructor.  Please view our studio policy for more information regarding payment and schedule.  Contact our studio if you are interested in enrolling or need more information. Timeless Harmony Studio is looking forward to helping you and your child/children reach your highest musical goals!